Practical WooCommerce Tips

by Kris Planeta - WooCommerce expert and developer

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5 sure ways of getting quality feedback in an eCommerce store

When it comes to getting feedback from customers, my clients and I tried perhaps everything there is in the book.

Popup forms were annoying people. Exit polls even more so.

Emails with surveys gathering customer’s opinions on purchased products were ineffective – not many people respond to them, and their feedback is pretty poor. Oh, and asking for information on specific qualities of a product was only hurting the number of form submits.

SMSes? Nope – people don’t like writing long feedback on their phones.

Heatmaps? Sites with dynamic (ajax) content won’t show you correct click maps or scroll maps. Plus, you are not getting any context to heatmap data.

Only 4 methods stood out and always proved to be wonderful sources of feedback. And these are…

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Practical WooCommerce Tips

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