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Here I link to the best free & paid guides, books, services and applications for eCommerce. I include paid options only if they have excellent value for the money.

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Attention! Sometimes one guide will not suffice to exhaust a subject, so there might be cases where I list a few resources (in one line of text) that complement one another. Read them in the order they are written.


  1. Choosing a brand name

Conversion optimization & user experience:

(Increasing conversion rate in an online store is closely connected to nailing user experience, so these 2 subjects are in a single section)

  1. Best practices of conversion rate optimization – Attention! If something worked in most cases, it doesn’t have to mean it will work for you too!
  2. Best practices of user experience – see above.
  3. User experience myths
  4. Usability testing: these two resources complement one another: resource 1 & resource 2


  1. General copywriting best practices
  2. Copywriting for social media – well over 100 pages of fantasticly useful information (available after giving email, see the bottom of the page)

Creating offers:

  1. Choice psychology
  2. Pricing strategies

Customer reviews:

  1. Customer reviews


  1. Advertising Psychology
  2. Emotional Marketing
  3. Viral Marketing


  1. Negotiation tactics

WordPress & WooCommerce speed optimization:

  1. 60+ methods of optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce (you might want to read this article before)

Practical WooCommerce Tips

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