Is GeneratePress Premium a good theme for a WooCommerce store? Review after 4 projects.


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I used GeneratePress Premium in 4 WooCommerce stores, a few info sites and this blog.

Let me share with you my experiences with it.

But first, a short introduction for those of you who don’t know anything about GP.

The idea behind GeneratePress

GeneratePress homepage

I like to call GP a base theme.

I call it that way because… well… it’s basic.

It is really good at time consuming things, like configuring header, footer, quickly changing fonts and colors.

But apart from that GP let’s me set up only some basic layout options for archive pages, blog posts, WooCommerce categories and product pages (but more about this later).

That means that in order to make a site complete, you need someone who can write some CSS, Javascript and (most probably) use a page builder.

But is this whole minimalism a bad thing?

Not necessarely. That way you stay on the safe side and don’t get “theme locked”.

This happens with themes that go really far in adding all sorts of bells and wistles that later you may have problem migrating to other themes. It is very nicely described in this article.

WooCommerce styling options in GeneratePress Premium

Options for changing main menu

The free version of GP does not let you do any sort of changes to WooCommerce layouts.

Only after you activate a premium GeneratePress WooCommerce module you will be able to:

  1. display mini cart in menu
  2. display store breadcrumbs
  3. tweak layouts of product categories
    1. set how many products you want to display and in how many columns
    2. choose what elements you would like to display, e.g. second product image on hover, sale badges, product ratings, etc.
  4. tweak layouts of single products
    1. decide how wide product gallery will be
    2. what elements will be visible on page, e.g. related products, upsells, etc.
  5. remove distracting elements from checkout.

(Here’s a link to the documentation of GP’s WooCommerce module if you want to know the details)

As you can see, it is very basic – just like with other content types.

There are no options for styling cart, checkout (apart from the one I mentioned) or customers’ account pages other than with custom code or using Elementor Pro page builder.

Building page layouts in GeneratePress

Elementor layout builder

The easiest method of creating full layouts in GP is by using a page builder like Beaver Builder or Elementor.

For WooCommerce I would opt for Elementor Pro because it let’s you completely redesign product pages.

Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to tweak layouts of cart and checkout pages without plugins or writing some custom code.

But if you have a developer than tweaking layouts without a page builder will not be a problem.

It is because GP doesn’t overwrite any of WooCommerce’s templates nor changes where new elements can be added to pages.

This means that it is easy even for an inexperienced programmer to tweak WC layouts.

In fact, GeneratePress even gives you some of its own hooks that can be used to add elements to header, footer as well as before and after content.

Here’s where they are exactly.

How fast is GeneratePress theme

GP is very lightweight. There’s no real reason to compare it with other base themes like Astra or Ocean WP since they are all comparable in this area.

The only way to get a snappier theme would be to order a fully custom one.

Bugs and problems

On average, I have about 2 or 3 different problems with layout and color settings in every project I use GP in. They are not major but can be frustrating at times. Fortunately, the creator of the theme regularly posts updates.

Is it smart to set up a WooCommerce store on GeneratePress theme?

By now, you should already know whether GP is good for you or not.

If you want to use it with Elementor page builder (Pro version is a must) then there’s 90% chance that you will be happy with it.

If not, then you will need need help of a programmer.

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