Why I love Trello – a free task manager


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Trello - board with lists of tasks
Trello – board with lists of tasks

Trello is an in-browser app (mobile app is also available) that helps me remember things to do, manage them and collaborate on them with other people.

I use it for for my personal to-do lists as well as for work.

I love it and here is why.

Managing tasks in Trello in real life

Trello is very flexible and doesn’t impose you anything.

It may sound pretty bad but in fact it let’s you adjust itself to your workflow. Take a look yourself.

And here’s a description for what you’ve just seen.

In Trello you can create an unlimited number of boards with tasks (this is the thing that covers the whole screen).

Each board can contain lists of tasks named whatever you want.

Tasks can contain description, attachments, comments and checklists. You can also mark them with labels and (I have no idea why) stickers. 

Each task can be shared with other people that have access to the board hence turning Trello into a task manager for teams.

Integrations with other applications (and why to integrate in the first place)

Trello integrates directly with a few dozen apps and online tools and indirectly (through intermediary applications such as Zapier, IFTTT or Integromat) with thousands.

Thanks to them you can e.g. create a task each time a customer files a complaint in your WooCommerce store  or when your employee adds a new record a Google Docs spreadsheet.

How much is it?

Everything I showed you above you get in Free plan.

Paid plans give you more functions and advanced user management but most small businesses will find the free plan just right for them.

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